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Producer responsibility


Producer responsibility for electronics and batteries means that all companies that produce and sell electronics or batteries must make a contribution to help cover the costs of collecting and recycling the products. Producer responsibility is based on an EU directive from 2005 and aims to promote increased sustainability.

At Bergsala, we take our responsibility for the electronics products we put on the market very seriously. We take it so seriously in fact, that we sit on the Board of Directors for Recipo Ekonomisk Förening, a nationally approved collection system for electronics and batteries. We know that the collected electronics will be disposed of in an environmentally correct manner. It is Recipo’s vision that electronic products do not become waste, but instead are circulated to become new material which then becomes new products. We also believe in this vision.

Recipo was founded in Sweden in 2007 on the initiative of their members, who wanted to create a competitive challenger with the goal of streamlining the process for producer responsibility for electronics and batteries. Today, Recipo's collection systems operate in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Through their own plastic recycling facility, Recipo Material, the plastic from electronics is recycled, and sold back to the electronics industry. Working towards achieving their vision, Recipo together with their customers create the circular electronics industry of the future. We at Bergsala are proud to be a part of that.

Recipo Material is a giant step towards realising our vision of a sustainable society where electronics do not become waste but are circulated into new products. We are the first plastic recycling plant owned and run by a collection scheme.


The Packaging ordinance in short: The ordinance regarding producer responsibility for packaging applies in Sweden since 1994. The purpose of the law is to ensure that we use as little packaging as possible, that any packaging that still has to be used can be reused and that packaging that cannot be reused is collected and recycled. Companies who are obliged to fulfil the requirements of the law are called Producers of waste – or just Producers. Producers include companies who themselves have packaged goods or brought prepackaged goods to Sweden to put up for sale on the Swedish market. Also companies specialized in selling their own manufactured or imported packaging are Producers according to the packaging ordinance.

Bergsala handles it's packaging responsible through TMR. 

TMR has since 2005 been responsible for seeing to that their clients fulfil all their commitments pertaining to their producer responsibility. We organizing producers’ fulfilment of responsibilities, collection of packaging and recycling of collected material. Paper, metal and plastic packaging are collected, recycled and given new life.

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